Monday, 3 January 2011

Terminators so far....

It's not much but for how slow I paint it's progress.


  1. I'm not sure why the pics came out so big

  2. I really like colours although the gold looks a little thin in places, really large pictures really do show ALL the faults but they are good to refer back to and touch up.

    My only critism though is the really obvious mold line on the thunder hammer and the transfer seems a little off, are you using proper transfer liquids on them or just water?.

  3. tell me about it I,ve seen loads of things I need to go back and touch up (maybe the massive pics were not that bad after all) The mould line is crap looking in the pic but its really not that bad as for the transfers I use just water and have trouble but I wanted them to look bust up and scratched in places they are CF and have just survived rynns world I didnt know you could get transfer liquid


    this is microset which is for everyday use there is also microsol (you'll have to look around for that) which is good for SM pads as it helps the transfer over rounded areas